Pre-ejaculate, also known as pre-cum, serves a very important function when it comes to reproduction. It’s a fluid that gets released from the cowper’s gland which is located just beneath the prostate at the beginning of the internal portion of the penis. This fluid gets rid of any acidic residue that may be left over from urine which could potentially kill off sperm. This process is completely normal for anyone with a penis, but often they know very little about this process and may have questions, such as:

When exactly does pre-cum get released?

It all starts from when the person is aroused and the body recognizes that ejaculation is coming soon. Pre-ejaculate can immediately follow any act that causes arousal, and the penis doesn’t have to be erect (hard). Or pre-ejaculate can sometimes happen seconds before ejaculating. Either way, this is normal.

How much is normal?

Everyone is different and that’s okay. Yes, some people can pre-ejaculate so much that they can potentially see it seeping through their clothing, which can be annoying at times, but it’s the normal way your body should function, just with more fluid involved. On the flip side, some people don’t experience any pre-cum until right before they ejaculate and it’s only just a drop or two. This may have some people believing they don’t pre-cum at all. Odds are they do but don’t feel it. This variance of fluid being release is a normal range of pre-ejaculation and a person shouldn’t feel ashamed.

Can I feel it?

Most of the time a person doesn’t feel the pre-cum being released. They may notice it after it is released if they produce a lot of it, and they also might feel wetness on the tip of their penis.

Does it really carry sperm?

Yes, it can! Especially if a person has ejaculated and did not urinate prior to ejaculating again. This would leave extra sperm in the urinary tract which could get pushed out with pre-ejaculate.




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