Peer Education Highlights

June 2017

Every year in June we celebrate Pride month by appreciating and highlighting the diversity of sexuality, gender, and all those in the LGBTQIA+ community. During this meeting we discussed the history, the importance, and the reasons why we celebrate Pride month. We also discussed relevant LGBTQIA+ events in the world, and the climate in our peers’ schools toward LGBTQIA+ students. The peers also learned how to be a good ally. Watch the video below to find out how you can too!


May 2017

During Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, we focused on prevention and support. We talked about what different things teens can do, and what kind of support they need in order to decrease the amount of teen pregnancies. We also played an activity in which the peers answered what specific things parents/trusted adults, educators, peers, schools, and themselves could do to prevent teen pregnancy.

April 2017

April is Get Yourself Tested (GYT) Month! The peers had a little review about the different types of STIs and how they’re spread. We really emphasized the importance of getting tested during this meeting and had a discussion on the importance of communicating with either current or future partners. We based our discussion on the below video:


March 2017

Every March we celebrate Women’s History Month, and International Women’s Day, which lands on March 8th. For this meeting the peers learned a little bit about women’s history, and the importance of equality and reproductive choice! If you’d like, you can watch the video below, which is one of the videos we showed our peers during our March meeting.


February 2017

February 14th – 21st marks National Condom Week! For this month, the peers learned all about condoms,(ßremove the comma, just use a period). We explored the history of condoms, the various types, and how to correctly put one on! We ended our meeting with making condom pops for the peers to hand out to their communities while, of course,  providing education!”

January 2017

For January, several of our peers volunteered during the historic OC Women’s March. They passed out water bottles and other informational material to the march attendees. They were incredibly helpful, and they all played an important role.

December 2016

In honor of World AIDS Day being December 1st, the peers had a discussion surrounding HIV/AIDS, the stigmas associated with it, and how they see it in their communities. They also decorated hotline cards that they passed out to their peers while educating them on the importance of STI testing.

November 2016

In honor of Movember the peers learned about men’s health! We made mustaches with men’s health’s facts on them so the peers can go into their communities and spread the info!

October 2016

In honor of October being National Domestic Violence Awareness month the peers ran a clothing drive and were able to collect a ton of clothes! Very special shout-out to those star peers who participated!


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