Outreach and Volunteer Program

Outreach Program:

We provide information about our services and programs at community events and college campuses, and also promote our educational resources and programs such as our WIC program and advocacy efforts. Outreach also includes providing outreach directly in the community, such as local laundry mats, family resource centers or nail shops where clients can learn about services offered by Planned Parenthood as well as provide them brochures and pamphlets at these locations.

Volunteer Program:

Our program provides students and community members opportunities to gain experience in different areas within our agency. They seek opportunities in community education and outreach, nutrition education, and advocacy efforts.

If you’d like to schedule us for outreach, or would like to volunteer with us, contact us at (714) 633-6373 ext. 269, email us at talk@pposbc.org, or fill out the form below:

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