When a person hears about body image and eating disorders they quickly make the connection to women, but the truth is that men deal with the same issues. 10 million men in the U.S. are suffering from an eating disorder and more are suffering from body image issues. Men and women are affected equally, but may focus on different parts of the body. Men tend to worry more about their skin, hair, nose, muscles, and genitals.

Some men also suffer from eating disorders. Binge eating is one the disorders most common among males. It is a compulsive and excessive amount of eating. Even though their goal is different than women’s by not trying to get skinny they are still trying to achieve an unrealistic level of muscularity. Some men do it to look like someone famous they admire, or some want to gain a lot of muscle to be respected. Whatever the reason, the fitness level can be unrealistic to most and may provoke a negative body image of one self.

The key is to focus on what is on the inside and love what you can’t change. Wherever you may fall on the gender spectrum, you should love who you are because there is only one of you!




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