Last year in December, Intarcia Therapeutics, Inc. received $140 million in funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This funding might be revolutionary for HIV Prevention. The funding is to continue the development and efficacy of an implant that will pump PrEP for an entire year, instead of taking the daily pill. The implant is very similar to the birth control implant, Nexplanon, but not to be mistaken with. While Nexplanon prevents pregnancy, the PrEP implant will prevent HIV. The HIV implant will be placed under the skin and pump a daily dose of PrEP to the patient. It is estimated that the PrEP implant will last for a year until it needs to be replaced.

The current PrEP regimin is a pill that needs to be taken daily to be effective. The PrEP implant would eliminate that barrier and would also be discreet enough that anyone could use it.

Even though the PrEP implant is not available yet, it is grand to see new strides in HIV Prevention. In the mean time, PrEP the pill, internal/external condoms, and abstinence are all ways someone can prevent HIV.

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