Emoticons have revamped texting in a way that rarely any text message conservation is without one… But of course, there are some frequently used emojis that have helped send misguided sexts for years now. If the first ones that come to your mind are the eggplant and/or peach emojis then… *ding ding* you are correct! Sexting can be fun, spontaneous, and can even be a type of foreplay. However, the educator in me wants to remind you to refrain from sending nude pictures to prevent them from being uploaded to the internet, or sent out to people you may not even know. Now with that said, the eggplant emoji has inflicted such a huge momentum on the internet that even hashtags have been made in its honor, such as #eggplantfriday. So, we can only expect that an Emojibator is out for sale now and looks just like the eggplant emoji. The Emojibator is silicone, waterproof, and available for purchase. Masturbation still can be a taboo topic, but it is actually a natural and common activity for all genders. It is a safer sex than any other type of sex, because there is no risk of STIs or pregnancy. Masturbation is healthy as long as it is done privately and doesn’t affect your normal routines such as work, school, social activities, etc.




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