April 26th is Denim Day, a campaign to bring awareness to sexual assault . Denim Day started as a protest against sexual assault and a case ruling in Italy in the 1990s. Here’s how it all started:

In Italy, back in 1992, an 18 year old girl was picked up by her 45 year old driving instructor for her driving lessons. Little did she know, she was not going to have a driving lesson that day. The 45 year old driving instructor drove her to a secluded area and sexually assaulted her. She was told to not speak a word about the event. When she arrived home, she informed her parents about the incident and charges were filed against the driving instructor.  The instructor was convicted. However, the ruling was overturned. The judge claimed that the 18 year old consented to sex because she was wearing very tight jeans and in order for them to come off, she would’ve had to help him take them off. Therefore, the removal of the jeans was her way of consenting to sex in his eyes. The instructor was set free and the case was dismissed.

In response to the ruling, people in Italy wore jeans to bring awareness to the case as well as rape in general. Now, people all around the world are encouraged to wear jeans or a denim piece to raise awareness about rape and sexual assault.

Remember, consent has nothing to do with what a person is wearing. It is the presence of a yes from someone to engage in sexual acts with them.  Be sure to obtain consent before and during engagement of any sexual activities.



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