You’ve heard the question before, or maybe even heard one of your favorite celebrities answer it: Do you prefer boxers or briefs?

While this question may at first be interpreted as a question regarding comfort—which in many cases it is—this question has often been associated with another area of concern: the effects of boxers and briefs on fertility.

Many myths have circulated around infertility. From the size of the testicles, to the “season” a person engages in sex, the myths and facts surrounding fertility are plenty.  In terms of underwear, there has been a great deal of discussion and study regarding what the effects of certain styles have on fertility.

According to WebMD, many studies have indicated that the type of underwear a person uses can have an effect on sperm production. Because the testes need to produce sperm at a specific temperature, the tightness of underwear can be an important factor in the production of healthy sperm. Tight underwear that pushes the testes closer to the body causes the testes to rise in temperature, which affects the production of healthy sperm.

Of course, the type of underwear a person uses is completely up to the individual. Some individuals find that they find boxers more comfortable than briefs because they are more loose and roomy. Others prefer briefs because they prefer how the look. Regardless, the choice is up to you and (if you are attempting to have children) your healthcare professional.

The verdict: While there does, indeed, appear to be a correlation between briefs and infertility, the type of underwear a person chooses to use is completely up to the individual’s comfort.

Disclaimer: Just because you wear briefs does not mean you cannot get someone pregnant. It is always best to use birth control to reduce pregnancy and condoms to help protect against STIs.



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